Well, I know that he does stuff like that a lot. That’s why my Cadillac is in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That’s Mr. Blonde’s car, but who’s gonna know that unless they knew that. Quentin’s not gonna announce it, he wants people to find out these things in their own experience, you see? When I saw Kill Bill in London at the premiere, after the movie Quentin was with me at a restaurant. And he said, ‘Did you see it, did you see it? I said, ‘Did I see what?’ He said, ‘You know, when Uma’s buried, did you see it?’ I said, ‘I dunno what you’re talking about.’ He said, ‘Michael, the razor.’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘That was yours. That’s the exact one you used in Reservoir Dogs.’ Yeah, he had kept my prop from Dogs and he gave that to Uma to use in Kill Bill to cut her ropes off.

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