T.I. & Fabolous Say Record Labels Prevented Artists From Discussing Their Relationships At The Start Of Their Careers: “We Were Supposed To Be Projected As Single Men For The Public”

Veteran rappers T.I. and Fabolous are known for being family men in hip-hop. With T.I.’s longtime reality show, “The Family Hustle,” and Fabolous’ stylish family photos in matching outfits – the hitmakers’ partners are never too far behind them. However, Tip and Fab recently dished on the old industry standard of marketing artists as single to appeal to fans of the opposite sex.

T.I. & Tiny

Fabolous, Emily B

T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris first started dating in early 2001, while Fabolous and Emily Bustamante met in 2005. The latter have since been embroiled in a public domestic violence case. However, they have reportedly patched their relationship up – expecting a new baby girl. The rappers sat down on Tip’s “Expeditiously Podcast,” to discuss hip-hop’s former unofficial rules on relationships:

“Fabolous: When I first came in- and same time when you first came in – family life wasn’t at the forefront of your career, or who you was as an artist.

T.I.: -No.

Fabolous: You was even supposed to be projected as a single man for the public.”

“T.I.: That’s right. I remember when Atlantic [Records] didn’t really want people to know that I had, like, a girl. They were trying to keep me from sharing.

Fabolous: Of course! I didn’t know DMX was married, or Ja Rule was married! You never knew them sh*ts until this era! These n*ggas was married for ten years, or had a girl from they high school. That wasn’t the thing then…but I also feel that was wrong. Those key figures- if we would’ve seen them having families, we would’ve known that was cool.”

The rappers continued,

“T.I.: We did see Reverend Run. We saw Ice T and his old lady.

Fabolous: Not that Rev. Run wasn’t cool- but they wasn’t the guys you look up to showing you that family and love is important. They were told to hide it, as well.

T.I.: I remember n*ggas lookin’ at me like I had three heads when I used to show up everywhere with my old lady, like back in 2003- 2004…n*ggas like, ‘Man, why you got your girl here?’ I’m like, ‘N*gga, why you ain’t got yours?”

Watch T.I.’s entire “Expeditiously Podcast” interview with Fabolous below.

What do you think about the rappers being told to hide their relationships early in their careers? Let us know in the comments!

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