People Call Cops on Boosie Badazz After He Admits to Having Women Perform Sex on Children


The Baton Rouge rapper is facing outrage online and possible felony charges after he admits on social media to having grown women perform sex on his underage sons.

Boosie Badazz might have landed himself in big trouble. The rapper caused a stir on the internet yet again with his latest controversial statement. He admitted on Instagram Live to having grown women perform sex on his underage sons and nephews.

The Baton Rouge hip-hop star claimed it was to prepare the boys for adulthood. “I’m training those boys, ask my nephews or any of my sons. When they were 12-13, they got h*ad,” he told his online followers. “Hell yeah I got my f**king son’s d**k sucked.”

The father of eight was quickly flooded with criticisms. One penned, “That’s too early ..imagine me training my daughter at 12.” Another wrote, “This man has some serious problems.” One other added, “He’s disgusting & the fact that he’s proud of it is disturbing af.”

People argued that Boosie ruined his kids instead of helping them. “And then they grow up not knowing how to maintain a relationship or treat women,” one slammed the rapper.

Some even said they contacted authorities. “I’m calling the police,” one claimed while another commented, “You’re going to jail.” Others wrote, “He gon get enough of snitching on himself smh,” “The state about to take his kids because of this,” and “He’ll be arrested by end of this week. Smh.”

There were also those who dragged him for criticizing Dwyane Wade‘s parenting over daughter’s gender transition. One commented, “And he’s worried about Dwayde …That’s just sick toxic masculinity is real …CPS THIS POST RIGHT HERE …this ain’t it at tf all.”

Under Lousiana law, promoting “consensual sexual intercourse between a child (ages 13 and 16) and an adult” is a felony. If found guilty, the 37-year-old rapper, real name Torrence Hatch Jr., could be facing fine of up to $5,000 and/or a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

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