MoneyBagg Yo Accused Of Dissing Gervonta Davis In New Song, Boxer Responds: Can’t Be!

Moneybagg Yo recently released a new song called, “Said Sum,” and what he said in the song is what’s raising eyebrows. Some of the lyrics go as followed:

“I thought a n***a who watch what I do but he can’t get his b**** back said somethin’”

Yikes! Due to the fact that Moneybagg’s girlfriend – influencer, Ari Fletcher – used to date boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis, fans immediately speculated that Gervonta Davis is the target of those lyrics.

MoneyBagg Yo, Ari Fletcher

When questioned if MoneyBagg Yo was referencing him, Gervonta Davis responded:

“Can’t be!”

Check out some of the reactions to Moneybagg Yo’s song, “Said Sum,” below!

Do you think MoneyBagg Yo is talking about Gervonta Davis? Let us know in the comments!

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