When you are playing against Michael Jordan in any sport, you must be prepared for anything. 

The sons of the legendary Chicago Bulls athlete recently appeared on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (May 6) to share a story of how an innocent game of tackle football with their famous father accidentally landed one of them in the hospital.  

Joining their sister Jasmine on the morning radio show, Marcus and Jeffrey spoke about their dad’s competitive playing style on the court and how in some ways it has affected his parenting style. 

“When we was little, we would play football on our knees, like tackle football on our knees with my dad, right?” Marcus said. “And so there was this one time where we were playing in their room and they had these round like end tables at the end of their bed. And so Jeff was going for a touchdown — and I’ll never forget it — my dad tackled Jeff into the glass table.”

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Crashing head-first into the table, Jeffrey ended up having to get close to 30 stitches into his head. 

“I thought he was dead,” Marcus said. “I mean, you could literally see the meat and skull. Me and Jasmine were terrified, we were crying…. Obviously, it was an accident”

Jeffrey noted that while their father still carried his competitive edge he was aware that his competitiveness had a time and a place. 

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“He definitely could turn that off and be dad. Take us to school, you know, make sure we got our work done and everything we needed to do,” he explained. “But when it was on, it was on. It was competition.”


Watch The Breakfast Club episode below:

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