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Kanye West’s Ex Bodyguard Reacts To Rapper’s Lawsuit Against Him: I Won’t Be Intimidated!

Kanye West’s former bodyguard has plenty to say about the rapper’s legal actions against him.

As previously reported, Kanye West’s ex-security guard Steve Stanulis, did an interview with Hollywood Raw Podcast where he claimed that he and his uber-famous wife, Kim Kardashian-West, allegedly call the paparazzi on themselves. He said:

“First of all, there’s no way [paparazzi] doesn’t get called up front. There’s no way every time they are leaving, all these people know about it. There’s definitely somebody calling ahead. That’s just my opinion…I’m just saying it’s coincidental that wherever we are, they’re always there. Maybe they’re just better than I think they are.”

That interview landed Steve Stanulis with a cease and desist letter from the Wests’ attorney, threatening to sue him for $10 million for breaching his non-disclosure agreement. The letter claims that Kanye’s former security’s stories were:

“…false and defamatory.”

However, Steve Stanulis and his attorney, Dmitriy Shakhnevich, claims he never signed an NDA in the first place. He offered this statement on his former boss:

“I’m not going to let Kanye West and Kim push me around just because they are rich and famous. I won’t be intimated by these two egotists!”

Kanye West

Steve continued,

“…if Kanye and Kim want to go to war, bring it on — they aren’t the only ones with a strong legal team.”

Attorney Dmitriy Shakhnevich spoke on Steve Stanulis’ behalf:

“As such, any efforts undertaken by your clients to enforce any purported ‘confidentiality agreement’ will be met with counterclaims, that will seek significant damages, along with court costs and legal fees…Our client is being bullied here, and we will not stand for that.”

Yikes! Whose side do you believe? Let us know in the comments.

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