John Krasinski, <em>Some Good News</em>

John Krasinski is determined to shine some light during a difficult time. He’s been proving it for the last three weeks with his YouTube show Some Good News, and on the latest episode he made sure SGN lived up to its name when he gave workers at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center a sports-themed surprise.

In the episode which dropped on Sunday night, Krasinski, one of Boston’s most famous exports, mourned the loss of baseball season and talked about the sport’s unique ability to bring people together.

“For me, and I’m sure a lot of you, the calendar just doesn’t really feel the same until that opening day pitch is thrown out,” Krasinski said. “Well, last week was supposed to be opening day for almost every major league team and that loss was felt by everyone. And even in the midst of 24-hour shifts and sleepless nights, our healthcare heroes were missing baseball too.”

John Krasinski, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Original Hamilton Cast Surprise Superfan

While virtually talking to a group of workers at BIDMC, Krasinski brought out the first surprise, which was an appearance from Red Sox hitter David Ortiz, who then revealed that he was donating lifetime Red Sox tickets to the entire staff.

The second came when he had them transported — in “the most sanitized duck boat in America” — to Fenway Park, where they were greeted with a thank you video from the city of Boston and then given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch of the 2020 MLB season. Even with all that heartwarming sweetness, though, Krasinski still managed to get a Yankees dig in because some things never change.

Kransinski also announced during the video that AT&T would be providing three months of free wireless service for frontline nurses and physicians across the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

John Krasinski, Some Good News

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