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America with a scalpel

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The Deauville Festival Prize is awarded each year to a filmmaker who has crossed the Atlantic to make a film in the United States, thus materializing a Franco-American bridge resulting from a long artistic tradition.

After Jacques Audiard (Les Frères Sisters), Olivier Assayas (Cuban Network), it is Barbet Schroeder that we will honor for this 46th edition, not for a film, but for all of his American work.

The mere mention of his name brings forth mythical images of the New Wave and young Turks from the “Cahiers du cinéma”. But it is of course also the Films du Losange that we think of, a production company that he created at barely 20 years old to produce the films of Eric Rohmer and which continues to illuminate the landscape of French cinephilia. today.

On the occasion of his visit, the festival will organize a Masterclass with Barbet Schroeder, hosted by Philippe Rouyer.



During the awards ceremony of the Deauville American Film Festival, the 2020 Ornano-Valenti Prize will be officially awarded by Jean-Guillaume d’Ornano, President of the Ornano-Valenti Prize jury composed of Anglo-Saxon journalists, to the French feature film: Slalom directed by Charlène Favier.

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The Ornano-Valenti Prize


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A jury made up of journalists and writers Ariane Bois Heilbronn, François Forestier, Éric Neuhoff, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Colombe Schneck and Laurent Seksick will award the Lucien-Barrière literary prize during the Deauville American Film Festival, under the benevolence of Béatrice Nakache Halimi.

The Lucien-Barrière Literary Prize 2020 is awarded to the novel Le monde n’existe pas by Fabrice Humbert, published by Gallimard editions.

The Literary Prize

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